A unique ZipLine experience nestled in the historic gold mining hills of beautiful Southern Oregon.

You’re invited to join our certified Zip Guides on one of our unforgettable tours. Our progressive 5 ZipLine course is the heart of our private park with many spectacular views including but definitely not limited to, Crater Lake Rim, Mt. McLoughlin and Table Rocks.

Home to the most THRILLING ZipLines in the Pacific Northwest and the famous Zip.Dip, & Sip Tour.

Reservations are required.

Soar over treetops
with a thrilling view!

Learn about our ADA Compliance

We are not ADA compliant or accessible. ADA friendly to us means that we are able to provide a zipping experience to some guests otherwise unable to zip a regular tour. Guests must speak with management about individual needs and special accommodations because what we can provide is still limited.

Accommodations must be approved and booked by management to allow for special planning and specially trained staff to be scheduled. Although we strive to accommodate as many people as we can, it is not always possible for us to zip everyone.