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We are a Commercial ZipLine Business that operates from a private park. We offer a Zip Line Tour and a Zip, Dip, & Sip Tour ran by Certified Guides. Our tours consist of a shuttle ride, replica gold mining town, 5 ziplines, amazing views and ends with the most THRILLING ZipLine in the Pacific Northwest. We provide all equipment and no experience is required.

The Zip, Dip, & Sip Tour is our zip line tour that also includes, lunch, rafting, and wine tasting. More information can be found under the Zip, Dip, & Sip page. (Tour is seasonal: Check online schedule)

Q. When are you open?
A. Our current office hours are 9:00 AM-5:00 PM seven days a week, and we are open year round. (ZipLine office hours are different than ZipLine tour times). We try to have our park available to guests every day of the week all year long, however our days and times vary due to the time of year, weather, and number of bookings. You can check our availability at any time by clicking on our Reservations/Availability page, which will show you all of the tour dates and times currently offered. If you have 6 or more people we may be able to schedule a time not currently shown on schedule.

Q. What are age/weight requirements?
A. All zipline riders must be at least 8 years old, weigh between 65 – 275 lbs., and be in good physical condition. In order to minimize risk of injury, we do not allow people outside of that weight & age range to participate on our tour. The weight and age range is used as a guideline for our guests to have proper harness fit. All guests must fit the harness and be able to follow directions. Guests that are unable to fit the harness or follow directions will not be allowed to continue on zip tour and no refunds will be given.

Smallest and largest harness measurements: Small Harness – Waist 22-31 inches, Thigh 18-24 inches, Shoulder Strap Height 59-67 inches. X-Large harness – Waist 35-51 inches, Thigh 20-29 inches, Shoulder Strap Height 68-80 inches

Q. Do I have to sign a waiver?
A. Yes, all guests MUST sign a ZIPLINE RELEASE & GUEST INFORMATION SHEET. Zip, Dip & Sip Release forms can be found on Zip, Dip & Sip page. The Release Agreement and Guest Information Sheets are provided prior to the start of the tour or you can click on the link provided above in red to print and sign before your tour. Guests under 18 years of age MUST have a parent or legal guardian signature on these forms. (A stepparent, grandparent or foreign exchange host family is not an automatic legal guardian and may only sign if they are the minors’ legal guardians).

Q. What are the health, safety, and physical requirements?
A. Participants must be able to lift 10 lbs. and those with heart conditions or high blood pressure should consult a physician. This tour is not for those who are pregnant, have current back or neck issues/injuries, have a major fear of heights, experience dizziness, seizures, or any other serious medical condition. Guests should be prepared for moderate physical exertion. If you are not sure please consult your physician. There is the possibility of BEES on the tour. Bring your appropriate antihistamines, avoid areas of concern and alert your guides of your allergy concerns. There is also Poison Oak in our neck of the woods and it is a requirement that our guests stay on groomed trails. If you have a severe allergy to anything please contact management with additional questions or concerns before making a reservation.

(Guests that may need special ADA accommodations must contact management. Do not book online!)

Q. How long is the tour?
A. Please allow for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.

Q. Can children go on the tour without a parent?
A. Yes, if a guest is under the age of 18 and not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian then they MUST bring a filled out ZIPLINE RELEASE & GUEST INFORMATION SHEET signed by a parent or legal guardian before boarding the shuttle van (NO EXCEPTIONS). Guests 8-13 years old must be accompanied by an adult chaperon while on the tour.

Q. Do I need to get to shuttle early?
A. We do recommend that you arrive to the shuttle location 10 minutes early to start the paperwork process to insure a timely tour.Example: If your tour starts at 1:00 pm you should be at shuttle pick up location by 12:50 pm.If you think you are going to be late or you get lost please contact us at (541) 821-9476 so that we can help you and also to let the shuttle know to wait for you if possible!

Q. Are there drinks or food available?
A. There is water available throughout the park as well as snacks and other drinks available for purchase at our General Store. We also provide lockers for storage of personal items if needed.

Q. Can people that don’t want to ZipLine still come on the tour?
A. No, Due to the terrain of the park and location of our ziplines, walking along is not possible. *We understand many of our guests are traveling through and may be traveling with animals or small children. Please call if you have questions about our local area and or things to do while others are zipping.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to your tour start time (72 hours for Zip,Dip, & Sip). When cancelling a reservation through email or over the phone you will receive a confirmation email.  If you have not received a confirmation, Do Not assume the cancellation is complete. Cancellations made with less than the required 48 hours’ notice (72 hours for Zip,Dip,& Sip) will be charged full tour price. The 15% deposit is non-refundable. Reservations can be rescheduled before the 48 and 72 hour cancellation policy within 30 days of the original reservation time, as long as our schedule can allow for it. “NO SHOWS” WILL BE CHARGED FULL TOUR PRICE. Charges will be applied to credit card provided.

Tours run rain or shine however, RV ZipLine Adventure reserves the right to cancel tours due to inclement weather, foreseeable hazards, insufficient bookings, or events beyond our control. In these events, full refunds will be made or alternative dates offered. (Tours must have a minimum of 6 guests to run, if we do not meet this minimum your tour may be rescheduled to a different time and/or day or cancelled.) We aim to inform our guests 24 hours before the tour start time if minimums have not been met.

Q. What if I am traveling with a pet?
A. Your pet may not zipline with you. You may consider Crater Animal Clinic for pet boarding while on the tour. Phone: 541-779-0951. Address: 665 E Vilas Rd, Central Point OR 97502. Website:

Q. What should I wear?
A. We recommend that all participants wear comfortable clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty and require closed toed shoes. You can wear long or short sleeve shirts depending on your own comfort and the weather. No loose clothing or jewelry. Pants or longer shorts are more comfortable with the harness. Long hair must be pulled back. Baseball caps can be worn under helmet. We also have lockers for storage of personal items if needed. *Warning: Property is set in wooded area that has Poison Oak. All hiking paths are groomed and guests are not allowed off trails. We recommend wearing proper clothing and take any other precautions necessary if you are highly allergic to Poison Oak.

Q. Is it common to tip the Tour Guides? 
A. Yes, as a common service industry standard based on your experience, our Tour Guides graciously accept gratuity!

Q. How do I get to your location?
A. Our location is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY so we will be shuttling guests to and from the property. Our Main Shuttle Pick Up and Drop Off Location for ZipLine Tours is located at the Laurel Hill Golf Course at 9450 Old Stage Rd. Central Point, OR.97502 (Off Gold Hill Exit 40). This park is on PRIVATE PROPERTY, you are only allowed on premises by shuttle, if you violate this it will be considered trespassing and serious actions will be taken. Neighborhood watch is always in affect. Please respect our rules and our neighbors and meet us at Laurel Hill Golf Course.

* If you have booked our Zip, Dip & Sip Tour your Shuttle Pick Up and Drop Off Location will be at Del Rio Vineyards & Winery, located at 52 North River Rd., Gold Hill, OR. 97525. 

Q. Are you ADA Friendly?

A. Possibly?  We are not ADA compliant or accessible. ADA friendly to us means that we are able to provide a zipping experience to some guests otherwise unable to zip a regular tour. Guests must speak with management about individual needs and special accommodations because what we can provide is still limited. Accommodations must be approved and booked by management to allow for special planning and specially trained staff to be scheduled. Although we strive to accommodate as many people as we can, it is not always possible for us to zip everyone.

Driving Directions to Main Shuttle Location

Coming from the I-5 freeway North or South you will take Gold Hill, Exit # 40.

*If you are heading North bound on I-5 you will take Exit # 40, take a left and go over the overpass, onto Old Stage Rd., where you will drive for about a 1/4 mile to Laurel Hill Golf Course (9450 Old Stage Rd. Central Point, OR. 97502) where you will see our signs and shuttle van for pick up.

*If you are heading South bound on I-5 you will take Exit # 40, take a right at the stop sign onto Old Stage Rd. and continue for about a 1/4 mile to Laurel Hill Golf Course (9450 Old stage Rd. Central Point OR. 97502) where you will see our signs and shuttle van for pick up.

Driving Directions to Zip, Dip & Sip Tour Shuttle 

Coming from the I-5 freeway North or South you will take Exit #43.

*If you are heading North Bound on I-5 you will take Exit #43, take a right at the stop sign then proceed to the next stop sign where you will also take a right (which is permitted without stopping) onto Rogue River Hwy. You will shortly pass over the Rogue River on Rock Point Bridge, at the end of the bridge you will take a left at the stop sign onto North River rd. where you should then see the Del Rio Vineyards (52 North River Rd. Gold Hill, OR. 97525) immediately to your right. This is where you will park and our shuttle van will pick you up and drop you off at the end of the day.

*If you are heading South Bound on I-5 you will take Exit #43, take a left at the stop sign and go over the overpass then proceed to the stop sign where you will take a right (which is permitted without stopping) onto Rogue River Hwy. You will shortly pass over the Rogue River on the Rock Point Bridge, at the end of the bridge you will take a left at the stop sign onto North river Rd. where you should then see the Del Rio Vineyards (52 North River Rd. Gold Hill, OR. 97525) immediately to your right. This is where you will park and our shuttle van will pick you up and drop you off at the end of the day. Please park in back parking lot just on the side of the railroad tracks. Thank you.

If you have questions not answered here please feel free to ask, you can reach us by email or by phone at (541) 821-9476 (ZIPN).

Hours & Location
9450 Old Stage Rd. Central Point, OR.
Off Gold Hill Exit 40
(Shuttle Location/Golf Course)
541-821-ZIPN (9476)
Park Open Year Round
Office Hours 9am to 5pm 7 Days a Week
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